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    NT & LINUX Reseller

    we used Reseller Program. it was really very good. Everything was good. But we had some problems in our company and we couldnt go on to that.
    now, we will buy a reseller hosting..
    - Both NT & Linux Packages
    - Like McHost ( it must be good ) - if mchost has NT, we would by from mchost, but they hasnt..anyway..
    - Payments with credit card
    - online support
    - Good Control panel..
    You can contact me by mail please..

    [email protected]

    Best Regards


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    Are you looking for recommendations or offers??

    If recommendations I'd say would be a good fit for you.

    They have both NT and Linux (I think Redhat and FreeBSD to choose from). They have HSphere for Control panel and excellent support!


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    yes i looked it. it seems good..
    and thank you for your mails. i will think about for all your mails.and i will choose one of them.
    hýmm is first my choose now. any other reseller company for both NT & linux?

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