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    Give me some advice,I want to buy reseller hosting


    I want to buy a reseller hosting。

    my budget is below $400/yesr. also the lower, the better.

    the webspace is more than 50GB.

    Could you recommend some hosting plan?

    Thnank you!

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    you should expect to pay around $1/gb of space per month - so $50x12 = $600, although $400 per year may do with certain companies.

    If you are just starting out then go with a smaller reseller plan and slowly upgrade - unlike dedicated servers, it's easier to request upgrades from reseller accounts without having to worry about downtime - and check the offers section and see which one works with your budget.

    remember that you have to consider bandwidth into the cost as well. since most resellers are unlikely to be oversold, they'll cost more and you may end up getting less disk/bandwidth than paying for shared hosting from the same company

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    I have to agree with njoker, you can start off with a small package and add more space when it's needed with most companies. So it will ultimately save you money when starting up.

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    You can probably find 50gb of space for around 400/year from a reputable company. If you pay for a year upfront, many companies give good discounts. What control panel are you looking for? How much bandwidth do you need?

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    Hi, some recommendation for you as you seems new in reseller hosting. When i started with reseller hosting i had to hop from reseller to reseller. Some closed doors without warning and other offer real bad service. i then decided to take the big step and got a dedicated and then a VPS. i ended my reseller hosting with one company that always amazed me and that is what you must look for - support. Go to there site and check there support. with this company in the year i hosting with them never at any time i needed help or support were they off line. In this time i never send 1 ticket but resolved my problems with the live chat.

    i remember the time one of my clients accounts got hacked by some paypal hacker. they informed me they suspended the account and i must look at it. Most host dont even contact you they just suspend you whole account when you sites get hacked (wont mention names here)

    My timezone is +2 so when i am online they are sleeping but not there support. i was with them for a year and had no hassle service from them. they offer a 7buck reseller offer that is worth it and you can later upgrade if you want.

    Trust you will find the right host for you
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    Getting about 50GB of space for 400$ a year shouldn't be a problem as many reputable companies are able to meet this requirement of yours. You can maybe save a bit of money by starting with resources you actually need, and overtime upgrade to higher amounts of resources. Upgrading a reseller account is easy. I'd suggest paying monthly. Best of luck.

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    AquariusADMIN has provided you some valid points. You have got a good budget any way. I also will recommend you to pay monthly at first ,that is more safe. And your own back ups should be kept intact.

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    Dont forget to search on internet the reviews of the company you choose.

    There are good companies
    but a lot of Low level hosting company with poor support when the server fails(DNS, Email, http, or other).
    And check , READ theis Term of services and other documents.

    Have a Nice Day

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    all make valid points, that is why you need to research and then find out who will work with you and who will not. for instance, some companies won't work out a deal on their plans, others will. just have to hunt and find them really. - Shoutcast Streams & Web Hosting
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    I recommend Hostdime or Surpasshosting. Surpasshosting is a member of Hostdime family(same company). Their services are very similar. The main difference is Hostdime has phone support and support is little better and so little more expensive.
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    I would say, go with innohosting if you are just starting.

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