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    [OpenVZ] Command Lines

    Hi guys,

    Could someone please help me with:

    1.) the command line to hard power off a VM that has frozen up
    2.) the command line to boot a VM linking to its config file
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    Have you tried running

    vzctl restart <veid>

    from the Hardware node.
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    I have included a few commands that might help you out.
    vzlist - This lists the VMs on the VM host.
    vzctl enter VMID - Enter a VM node shell, even if SSH is stopped.
    vzctl start VMID - Start a VM.
    vzctl stop VMID - Stop a VM .
    vzctl reboot VMID - Reboot a VM.

    Use this command to execute a command within the VM node, from the VM host.
    Eg : vzctl exec 101 /etc/init.d/sshd start

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    A "vzctl stop/start <veid>", will automatically unmount, mount a virtual container.

    This applies to frozen containers too. I would also suggest you to check the UBC parameters, for any fail counts. This will provide more details on the server down.

    When a VM starts, it automatically loads the /etc/vz/conf/ve_id.conf file to check for the configurations.

    Let me know if you are trying to put your VM in rescue or similar modes.

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    Once you restart check cat /proc/user_beancounter under failcnt check which resource is falling short of.

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