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    Is there a need for an Open Source alternative to Kayako's SupportSuite?

    Is there a need for an Open Source alternative to Kayako's SupportSuite?

    I've been asking myself this question for some time now and I am interested in your views.

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    there is one i came across called Trellis Desk, which can be located and its free! - Shoutcast Streams & Web Hosting
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    As above, trellis is good. You can use it in conjunction with LiveZilla (free live chat) and you've got the package.
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    Cerberus Helpdesk, Collabtive, osTicket, Trellis Desk etc.

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    Any body tested any of these integrated with WHMCS? - VPS Control Panel
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    Kayako is still far better than trellis desk. The interface of kayako is clean and neat
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    They were asking if there was a need for it, not if there were ones out there... At least that's how I understood the original post.

    And to answer - I'd say the need is already being met but not by one single package that offers everything that Kayako does.
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    Thanks Mike, and congrats on the Kayako License Prize!

    Indeed, I was wondering if there is a need, because what's out there, is well, not really competitive to Kayako's products.

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    Osticket is light weighted support ticket software its easy to install and setup. Its free.
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    Thanks Inspiron, I want to take a look of Osticket.

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    Trellis gets a vote from me

    We use it as a back-end staff ticketing system and it works like a dream!
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    Still not answering the question. If a mod get's here, please lock this thread.

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    Seeing that they are recommending other software that works for them, it seems evident you could take their unspoken answer as, "no there is not a need." but whatever.

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    Well I would say yes there is a need for an open source helpdesk script that can match up to kayako. So far, kayako is still the best helpdesk script compared to other free or paid scripts. It's very easy to use, clean and neat interface, can be integrated to WHMCS, etc.
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