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    Drive Critical: /dev/vzfs (/) is 100% full

    I have a dedicated server on Goddady,
    every day I get a message:

    Drive Space Critical on ip.(my ip)
    Drive Critical: /dev/vzfs (/) is 100% full
    what am I supposed to do with that.
    my server on linux with WHM panel.

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    This message means your hard drive is full.

    You have 2 options:
    1) Delete unneeded/unwanted data off it (usually, you will be surprised about how much space is saved)

    2) Upgrade your hard drive. - Quality Hosting. Affordable Prices.
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    check also your backup files, i think you can delete old backup files. or to be safe, download first your backup files to your pc and you can delete the old one on your server Half Dedicated Half Price
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    Try to check your logs /var/log directory also - there may be some large logfiles in there that can be cleared away..
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    Hi ,

    Usually the following files will take too much disk space

    1) Apache logs , including domlogs
    2) Mysql files
    3) All the system log files, most of them are in /var
    4) backup file
    5) some of the hidden files may cause this.

    You can use the following commands

    df -i

    du -ach

    Hope this info helps - the name says it all!
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    du -sh *

    is also a good one to get an itemised list of what could be taking up the disk-space.
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    clear logs and spam massage etc
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