Tired of loosing sleep hoping your one server, housing all your paying clients, does not have a major outage? Even more so if it happens to be extended downtime? How much is it worth to have peace of mind knowing that if your primary provider was taken out *now*, your customers would never notice a thing?

A high level of load balancing and fail-over can be achieved much easier and cheaper than you probably realize.

I setup custom load balancing / fail-over / HA systems for any size customer. If you already have, or are willing to provide, at least 2 servers for minimal setup, this can be achieved much easier than the mental images HA buzz words usually conjure up. Although I can provide servers if needed, pricing and the main thrust of this post is aimed at setting up service on *your* existing or soon-to-exist rented or purchased servers. 2 - 100+ servers, the more the merrier (and the better protected you are).

Pricing - very dependent on your systems and what needs to be protected, but for simple file replication + fail-over and / or load balancing setup, I'm making deals. Recent outages have left many scrambling to prevent an upsetting repeat, so I'm willing, for a limited time, to make some great offers.
Ball-park for simple file rep / load balancing and / or DNS fail-over, $15-25 per server, the more servers, the lower price each. If a 3rd party service must be purchased to achieve (i.e. - DNS failover), you simply pay for that service, I do the setup.

Complex replication / large databases will, of course, require more information to give a quote, but notice I am not charging $100 per server. Why? I do this daily, and I do it quick. I don't charge you for an hour of work when it takes me 20 minutes. I don't like paying people to google, neither do you.

Type of server is irrelevant. Linux systems are cheaper because of ease of setup, but these setups will work for virtually any server type - VPS, Dedicated, Co-lo, some limited setups can even be done for shared hosting. Can also be a mix-match... if you run it, I can probably protect it.

Interested? No charge for a consultation. Tell me what you have; I'll let you know what can be done.

Please note - I do not setup HA / LB / Failover with cPanel and other control panels that do NOT incorporate clustering. It simply doesn't work correctly. There are workarounds, by setting up accounts manually on both, but non-clustering CPs are not included in the offer. Any incorporation of them will be up to you to add.

Credentials / General / Contact Info -

15 yr Linux Admin
15 yr Network / Systems admin
18 yr Windows Admin

Specializing in high-level system admin and configuration.

Specialized areas:
Load balance / HA / Fail-over configuration using various load balancing / reverse proxy packages, with or without added DNS fail-over configurations.

Server backup, whole & snapshot / restoration.

Self-server DDoS mitigation via HAProxy redirects (only 1 server needed).

Don't put all your eggs in one basket! HA configurations increases your overall uptime exponentially.

Linux / Windows Server Management, Install, Config.
OpenVZ / Xen Install, Configuration.
Network, DNS, DHCP, "any network service" consulting & configuration.
Router / switch configuration
Server setup / hardening / security audits
Everything Network / Everything Internet

I am an independent agent, and have been continuously employed in high-level network / system administration industry for the last 14 years, concecutively. As a result, my work is expedient. Instead of paying someone to read manuals, let my expertise and experience work for you.

Most pricing is custom depending on scope of work, ranges from $30-70 hr, depending on requests. Will also do fixed pricing for some projects.

Note - Due to recent security concerns and other well-known issues, I am not currently installing or supporting HyperVM / LXAdmin / Kloxo, except for the removal or disabling of said software & related services.

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