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    Pay cost of hosting????, under $100 or under $1000 or obove $1000/year

    i all, i am kalo. <snipped>

    i just wonder.

    When at the first time you were building website for your new business or your company business where you work,

    how much cost are you willing to pay for that?

    i heard a lot of business executive willing to pay $1000 or more per year for their business website.

    how about you?
    what is your occupation?
    how much cost are you willing to pay for your business website.

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    Hello and welcome.

    It depends on the website content, and the amount of traffic it gets. For example Natwest will spend thousands of pounds on their website as thousands of people use it daily. Whereas the local football team will spend maybe 5 pounds a month!
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    I have one client w/ HA / Failover that pays more than 4 times that. Corporate web site...we pay 18K / mo just for 1G fiber between 3 locations to nail servers / associates together, add in a data suite, 100Mb net connection...
    Answer - Some corps pay thousands *a day*, some make do with shared hosting, and pay 100 bucks a years. As Mark above said, it heavily depends on content and many, many other factors.
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    Hi Kalo,

    You may need to understand that getting web hosting package is like buying a house. Everyone has different requirement and different hosting features. When you sign up for the new web hosting package, you may need to concern how much total disk space, monthly data transfer, your main targeted traffic location, single domain or multiple domain, any web programming languages needs, hosting provider technical supports and customer services.

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    Kalo, i created a website for a local press and i earned $2500 (The web design and Content management for one year) i gave them one domain and one year of hosting for free.

    So, don't be surprised, It depends on your demands

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