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    pop3 to receive the mail,but mais still on server,like gmail


    i find gmail has a advantage,

    when i use outlook to receive mails from it,

    my mails are still on the server,

    for general,when we use pop3 to receive the mails,

    all the mails will be killed from server,

    how can i save the mails on the server like gmail does?


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    Hello ,
    it is quite simple in your outlook in your accounts settings there will be an option to leave a copy of mails on the server .. Just check the option. All your mails will remain on the server and you will get a copy of it .

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    i know it is settingable from outlook client software,

    but is it possible to set it from server side ?

    it is centos with cpanel.


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    No, it is strictly a client-side setting. Gmail might do it a little different because they're big pushers on keeping your email archived forever. Cpanel doesn't do it because when the email client says delete it, it follows its instructions and deletes it.
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    In your mail client. Click "leave mail on server".
    Simple as that.
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