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    * Domain Shopping Cart


    I'm looking for a (free?) domain shopping cart that does a whois search and availability check.
    Webwho. looked very cool to ad a shopping cart to, but putting the Dutch Whois server URL (, or to the string gives an error. A domain would be Unavailable, while the whois server says: "domain available"...
    I don't need all the features of a cpanel; just if the domain is available or not. If the domain is available, a possibility to order it and if not available the whois details.
    And it should preferably use the whois prog from the one can ask for any extention in the input field.
    Even the shopping cart feature is not a must. Once the data has come up, it will be easy to hook on a shopping cart script....
    The trouble is with the whois from the shell that I don't get any value for "available or "not available"...just the raw whois output.
    If a script delivers me that value, a shopping cart can do the rest.
    Any suggestions would be very helpfull!
    I'd rather put "this and that" together to make it work and publish it for free than to pay for a tool with functions I don't need...

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    I assume that you have looked through the various directory sites such as ..

    You might even want to take a look at my site


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    Thanks for the suggestions Chris.

    I've been digging through about every CGI / PHP site there is, including yours.
    I do like your whois scripts.
    Unfortunately your scripts have the same error as I described above.
    If I search for e.g. "" the scripts says that the domain is NOT available and the whois server says the domain IS available. There must be something missing in the query...
    Maybe they've changed something in the or database....

    Let me know if you can find the bug.
    Your WhoisUltimate script looks very cool.


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    Hi Jaap,

    I've found the problem. Any old whois script can perform a whois on a Domain Name and display the results. The thing that makes the ones that cost a little big of money different is that they look at the whois results are determine whether the Domain Name is available of registered.

    The most common way to do this is to search the output for some key phrases, for example "not registered", "no match", or "domain available". It seems that the whois server for .nl Domains returns the phrase "not a registered domain" when an available Domain Name is searched for. Hence my script couldn't find one of the phrases I listed so assumed the Domain was registered.

    I have amended my scripts so they now include "not a registered domain" in the list of phrases they search for.

    Hope this helps! Short point about my ultimate script - although the demo doesn't have .nl domains its pretty easy to add them.


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    Great! That does the trick! The Webwho script works. Still, I'll buy
    your Whois Ultimate script. It's logic, friendly and goes straight to the target: sales. And you've done all the work allready, so I don't need to invent the wheel again
    If you need a French, German or Dutch version of it, just drop me a line. Perhaps we could work something out.

    Thanks again!


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