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    It is too ridiculous about FSCKVPS service

    Before hacking event, everything was fine when I use their service.
    After hacking event, FSCKVPS was really bad for VPS hosting.

    I have a VPS there and I ask for upgrading at 01 Jul 2009 10:59 AM.
    They instated the invoice quick and I also paid it right away.
    But until now, my VPS still not upgrade.
    It is too ridiculous.
    I submit 2 tickets to ask for my upgrading issue, and they always tell me they will handle it shortly and please wait.

    I was angry with their performance, so I use MSN to talk about this with their online service account: [email protected].
    But it is still the same now.
    My upgrading ticket's status was always "Resource Modification" and my VPS still not upgrade.

    They ask for customer's money urgently but service them very slowly.
    It is FSCKVPS's service.

    AND NOW, I am still waiting for my upgrading issue completed from 01 Jul 2009 10:59...........

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    There are many employees of VAServ that are on this forum. One being, Kody:

    VAServ is a great company, rest assured it will, eventually, be taken care of. They have no reason to take your money, and not upgrade you.

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    Good luck getting it sorted, they still haven't stopped my vps that was cancelled in june.

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    After I post this articl, Vlada in VAServ reply my ticket finally:

    Dear Peter,

    I am terribly sorry for delay and inconveniences caused over this upgrade.


    Thank you.
    My VPS upgrade done finally.

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    Again sorry for the delay and I am sorry that things have been sorted out for you Peter.

    In case of any questions or comments, feel free to rely to your ticket with us.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead .

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    Thanks Vlada, and you make me trust VAServ again.

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