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    Experiences with Web Host Directory (

    The very active sales team at have been trying to encourage us to place an ad with them for quite a while. I was just wondering what other people's experiences with them have been? Good return on investment or not?


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    I'd also like to know about this, I'm looking for good places to advertise atm.

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    I almost tried it with them but its a bit pricey - even though it's very targeted we just stuck with our other ad plans. May try them in the future but so far, no exp with their ad system - although we get quite a few hits a month from our host profile there.

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    From my own experience has the best conversion compared to any other site. This would also be the same for your company, but only and only if you already have a customer testimonial posted on their site.
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    I think there advertising was over rated and costly to be honest, I think the £500 they wanted at the time was really spent better elsewhere. With regards to there free submission, I have used it and recommended it, if you give users your link and they sumbit a review your site could become hot of the month, instantly and freely taking a place on there homepage all month.
    Oh and webhostingstuff is good too
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    Does anyone has other recommendation?

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    I've heard good results at the Web Host Dir - certainly great exposure, but you will need a decent amount of impressions to stand out.
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    Recommendation for you: Don't do it unless you have a serious amount of money to put into it. If you only advertise up there for a couple months, you probably won't see great results.

    I am sort of against advertising on web hosting directories all together, as the price for some of these sites is ridiculous. You would be much better off investing that money into an affiliate program IMO.

    Or take that same money and pay an employee to spend his day on their forums at Just have him post as much as possible with a good sig link and I bet you, you will see more traffic and more return from it.
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