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    Post Website with CSS Help


    I have purchased a new web template 2 weeks ago and made alot of changes to it but until, I found I have some issues and need help. To my understanding, it is using 100% CSS and I am not familiar with CSS codes so I would need some help ingerate our current information into the new subpages for all pages. Also add nice touch up make pages to look nifty nice. There will be at least 20 pages.

    This needs to be done in few days, no delays will be allowed. You must be able to communicate with me often regardless to keep everything up to date during this project. Every content on our website must be copied to the new subpages and can add some graphics and new wording to make it look cool and touchy.

    If you are being able to help me with CSS issues, please email me directly. No PM or MSN or others is allowed for several reasons which I perfer via email.

    Any offers is now open. Please answer your questions below and send directly to: [email protected]

    1) Your Name
    2) Your Company/Design Business Website
    3) Your Complete web design projects with CSS (must be live not demo)
    4) You must be a legal business in USA. No international allowed.
    5) Your price offer

    I will expect to have this project bidding starting now. Any questions, post them here so I can follow it up.

    Thank you.
    Kindly Regards,
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    Only legal businesses in the USA? No UK businesses allowed?

    *sad Brit is sad*
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    Sorry, I decided to drop this project so its now voided. I am going to do something different that will fit our needs.

    Thank you.
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    Hello Folks,

    After several accept to finish my website design but unsuccessful so I am doing in a other way. This is my last time to put this request and I want to warn you, this is a real ad and no joke or scam nonethess. Please feel free to ask me any questions to verfiy this is a vaild ad. Thanks! What my request is:

    I need a web hosting design, a complete solution. The design must be unique and never seen before and eye catchy. All has to be done by designer/coder. All pages that are designed must be coded in valid (x)HTML and valid CSS and compatible with firefox and IE ver7/8. WHMCS intergration is required. We are currently selling web hosting but we will be offering Reseller Program, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers in August 2009.

    I will offer in exchange for one year VDS account that comes with 20GB storage space and 200GB bandwidth that will have ability to host up to 32 websites on a single account. You will have full root access, ability to restart, access to server config files, ssh and many more. This is worth $300.

    I understand the nation is in crisis so why not help someone out there who would like to take this advantage free offer and keep our wonderful country strong. I already have my own server and I didn't want to waste this so I want to give it away to right person who can lead their goals for the future.

    The project must be complete within one week. I will accept only to serious bidders. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] pr PM me only.

    Thank you very much and have a good day and GOD bless america
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    I had decided I am increasing the VPS specs to:

    50GB Storage Space
    1GB RAM
    1200GB Bandwidth
    3 Dedicated IP Address
    CentOS Server
    DirectAdmin (FREE)

    Any questions, let me know.

    > UNIXIELHOST | Affordable Web Hosting
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