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    Support Tech/Chat for hire

    Hello, my name is Mike Mesicek. I am 18 years old. I live in the United States and my first language is english. I also speak a little spanish.

    I am very proficient in html, css, php, and mysql.

    I have had experience with all of the following:
    Cpanel, Plesk, WHM
    WHCMS, ClientExec, iPanel, The Hosting Tool
    Kayako, PIM, & LiveZilla
    Adobe Dreamweaver,Microsoft Frontpage,Adobe Photoshop, Gimp
    Web Design
    Web Reselling
    DNS Management
    Database backups

    I can handle most virtual enviroments like xen, hypervm, etc.

    Ive installed, run, and managed vps server before and i have also had basic training in sales.

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    It's not WHCMS but WHMCS

    Good Luck!
    ~ Abby

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    oops typo my mistake.

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