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    Exclamation FREE 15 Minute Website monitoring!

    Uptime is critical - your website speaks volumes about your credibility, and that's why "high frequency" website monitoring is not only important, but essential. At, this is what we do best. We'll track it for you. We alert you first!

    Binary Canary is easy to implement and offers a variety of pricing packages to suite any
    budget. A FREE account is available offering five monitors with 15-minute frequency. Paid services
    start as low as five dollars a month, only 16 cents a day. The most comprehensive plan is only
    twenty dollars a month for fastest alerts and maximum monitoring options.

    Signup Today!

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    We been using them (in addition to our own redundant nagios systems plus another major service), and they're monitoring is right on... Had tried justuptime and would get false positives as well as just seeing them disappear for days at a time, which sent us looking for another service. The rates for 1 minute checks can't be beat. Because of the 1 minute resolution and 3 monitoring sites, they're often the 1st to alert us if something happens. I really think they're going to give some of the others a run for their money...
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