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    * Buy one server, get a 2nd server FREE!! NY BOGO Sale! Act FAST!

    NYNOC Inc. is offering a GREAT special to those in need of multiple servers!! We have a number of idle servers that we are looking to get sold so we are offering a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE sale!

    Buy any of the following servers below and get a 2nd server FREE (of equal or lesser value)! You must put *BOGOWHT* in the comments field on the order form!

    Opteron 150 2.4Ghz
    4GB RAM
    2x400GB RAID 1
    3,000GB Transfer
    2 IP Addresses
    Self Managed
    Click Here To Order

    Dual Core Atom 330
    2GB RAM
    250GB SATA
    5,000GB Transfer
    5 IP Addresses
    Self Managed
    Click Here To Order

    Run a high traffic website? Take advantage of this special and have load balancing setup so you can utilize both servers! Ask sales about this today!

    Operating Systems Available: CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian, Win2k3 Std (+$30/mo)

    Additional IP: $1/month

    Control Panels: cPanel/WHM ($40/mo), Directadmin ($20/mo)

    IP To Ping:

    We do NOT allow warez, warez linking, spam, irc, adult, or any illegal material.

    Any questions, please email sales{@}

    Our website:

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    is the 2nd server is free forever or just for first month only??
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    It is free for as long as you have the 1st server.

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    is it possible to move some of the ram from the 2nd "free" server to the 1st server?

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    I'm sorry but the server specs are set.

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    Are these on 100mbit or 10? Is the price for a HDD upgrade to 500GB one time or recurring?

    The network is located in NYC, right? Which upstreams are available? Do you have a testfile?
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