One consistent problem exists after attending a conference. During the conference, you fill your brain and your journal with great ideas and strategies, you gain inspiration and motivation, and you build exciting relationships with new, potential partners. Yet upon arriving back home, the grind of day-to-day tasks required to maintain the business forces all of the great conference learnings to the background - untouched and eventually forgotten. Months later when looking back at the conference it seems the money spent attending was a waste. I have personally experienced this so I know it happens.
At HostingCon 2009, Dan Hackett, Director of Consulting at Aileron, will help you alleviate this consistent problem while showing you how to leverage what you learned to build a competitive advantage!
As a veteran consultant with Aileron, Dan believes in helping business owners lead and manage their companies, driving growth, innovation, and jobs. In fact, Aileron was founded in 1996, by Clay Mathile –former owner of the The Iams Company (pet food company acquired by Proctor and Gamble)–to help fuel private business and free enterprise, providing business owners with the tools and support they need to mature and succeed.
This closing day keynote on Wednesday, August 12, is titled, “Moving to the Next Level: Professional Management for Your Career and Your Business.” During this keynote, Dan will show you (whether you’re a business owner or manager) how to build a professional management framework using the four tracks presented at HostingCon 2009. You’ll learn how to get immediate results by implementing the techniques taught and the partnering opportunities identified. After hearing Dan’s presentation, you’ll gain a greater confidence for competing and thriving in a changing environment.
As acclaimed management consultant, Tom Peters, stated, “The thing that keeps a business ahead of the competition is excellence in execution.” Attend HostingCon 2009 to learn, network and grow to stay ahead of your competition. And be sure to catch Dan’s closing keynote to develop a plan of execution to achieve excellence in your future.