Transfer your site from your current provider (we can transfer it in minutes) and your first month is completely FREE ("Shared" and "Resellers"!).

  1. signup for any account with monthly payment and don't pay
  2. open a ticket or contact the live support by chat referring to this offer. You'll need to provide your credential for the old host for us to move your site.
  3. that's all.

P.S. This offer is limited to new customers moving their sites from another host.

Our plans start from only 10$/year, that's 0.83$/month!!! (2GB disc space and 20GB monthly bandwidth).
Reseller accounts start at 15$/month with 30GB disc space, 300GB bandwidth and overselling enabled!
Except for disc space and bandwidth, all the other features (email, databases, domains....) are UNLIMITED!
And you'll even get full FFmpeg access on server without cpu restrictions!!!

How reliable we are?
We manage our own servers (we're not resellers!) and are on the sixth month in business.
Read some reviews from our customers here -> and here ->

Any question? Come over at for a live chat!

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