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    Dedicated server web host with p2p T1

    Does anyone know of a webhost that will allow a point to point fractional T1 connection to a dedicated server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekempter View Post
    Does anyone know of a webhost that will allow a point to point fractional T1 connection to a dedicated server?
    Do you mean peer2peer not point to point?

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    I mean point to point. I shouldn't have used p2p in the subject line.

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    Don't know of any, but I'm pretty sure it would cost quite a bit and I don't know why you would need it.
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    I want to transfer customer data to our servers in a secure and scalable way.

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    How about just encrypting the data and then transferring it through https or ftps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurstNET View Post
    This is what a VPN is for---and far less expensive that a telco is going to charge you for the T1.
    Yep - exactly what BurstNET said. You should be able to establish an ipsec vpn tunnel between point a and point b. Not sure if there are many hosts that do this, but assuming Burst does, since he mentioned it and I know Softlayer does it, as we have quite a few of them.

    No need to spend money on a point-to-point T1 anymore.

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    You can encrypt the data and send it over a private VPN created between the two servers.

    It will save you a lot of cost. If you do want a T1 connection to your server directly, I dont remember seeing anyone doing that.

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