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    * Need someone to config vpn packages on dedicated server


    I'm going to buy a new dedicated server to resell vpn accounts.

    I want someone to configure the server and setup the whmcs in such a way that the everything is automated.... as in the signup process..

    As soon as the customer signups, with payment confirmation, he should be alloted a vpn account instantly.. I know this is quiet easy to config using whmcs...

    Quote your prices...

    Server management also would be preferred.

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    We do provide this service & We can help you with this.

    Please check out our services at: ( for Full details & Prices)


    - It's our Major,study and it's our business too. All of our team members hold a BSc in CS +1 IT certificate at least.

    - We use our OWN custom applications/scripts/solutions, and we review and setup everything manually to get everything set up properly, Security is not just running a pre-made scripts, Quality matters.

    - Comprehensive knowledge to resolve any issues related to servers & security.

    - If we are unable to fix your issue, we will refund your money. Guaranteed.

    Remember, You Get What You Pay For.

    If you have any questions, Please don't hesitate to contact us at: [email protected].


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    We can do this for you.
    Server Management, Server Security, Server Monitoring.
    India's Leading Managed Service Provider !! Skype: techs24x7

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