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    Script for querying blacklists databases

    I was wondering if anybody knows of a script that I could install on my server
    and use to do a query in RBL databases, just like this page

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    I use this function:

    function dnsbl($ip,$list,$mappings) {
            $lookup = implode('.',array_reverse(explode('.', $ip))) . '.' . $list;
            $result= gethostbyname($lookup);
            if ($lookup==$result) {
                    return "Not listed";
            foreach($mappings as $k=>$v) {
                    if ($result==$k) {
                            return $v;
            return "Address listed with unknown code: $result";
    And it is called passing the IP address in string format, the address of the blacklist, and an array of what the various response IP addresses mean. e.g. for sorbs:

    print dnsbl($ip,"",
            array(""=>"Open http proxy server",
                    ""=> "Open socks proxy server",
                    ""=> "Open proxy server (other than http/socks)",
                    ""=> "Open SMTP mail relay",
                    ""=> "Sender of spam email",
                    ""=> "HTTP server with security holes",
                    ""=> "Site refuses to be tested by SORBS (likely spammer)",
                    ""=> "Network hijacked by spammers",
                    ""=> "Known end user address",
                    ""=> "Domain has broken DNS configuration",
                    ""=> "Host should not send email"));

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    I use the check_rbl plugin in Nagios to check the blacklist status of the IPs of my servers. It alerts me if any IP is blacklisted in specific Blacklist databases.
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