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    Spam Assasin in PLESK

    I am looking for anyone who knows how I can get the spam down on my server. I don't think SPAM ASSASIN works at all. I have it set to the lowest setting possible and me each email on my server still gets over 150 spams a day. Is there any software anyone recommends to replace it with, or make it work better. My clients are getting fed up with the level of spam they're getting and I can't say that I blame them. I've tried everything plesk says to try but nothing seems to make it any better.

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    There seems to be a lot more spam making it past SpamAssassin lately, mostly due to some new tricks the spammers are using, and an overall global increase in spam.

    Is your SpamAssasin catching any spam at all?
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    We need a lot more info about your setup before we can help you.

    Quote Originally Posted by wedosites View Post
    I am looking for anyone who knows how I can get the spam down on my server. I don't think SPAM ASSASIN works at all.
    What leads you to "think" that?!? Don't you track that?

    If you don't, you do not have the skills to do anything on your own, and need professional help. Sorry, I can't recommend anyone.

    If you perhaps misspoke (sounds like you're legitimately stressed (my sympathies, spam drives me batty, too)), then please consider these questions:
    • What's your actual SpamAssassin killrate over the last week? (within a couple of percent)
    • What's your level of skill?
    • What's your host's level of skill?
    • Do you have any "extras" running, on top of your webhost's plain vanilla SpamAssassin install?
    • What kind of hosting do you have? (crippled shared hosting, flexible shared hosting, VPS or dedicated?)

    If you have both skills and host options, or your host has skills, there's just a few very low load rules and one SpamAssassin plugin that will knock out about 99% of spam missed by a "plain vanilla" SpamAssassin install.

    Here they are, in order of overall killrate:
    • kill anything with a domain with a China TLD (i.e. .CN)
    • score anything with a Yahoo Groups or Profiles subsite sent from a non-Yahoo IP, score extra if there's any "E.D" word(s) in it
    • track and score all fake degree phone numbers (current ones include: "845.709.8044", "801-461-5023", "305.460.8014")
    • Hi-Ascii body and header tests (to catch Russian, Chinese, and other languages)
    • block all URL shorteners (most of the new ones are appearing in URIBL - if you don't use that blocklist, add it)
    • install a FreeMail plugin (great for catching Advance Fee scams)
    • kill anything with the domain "" that is sent from an address on your own domain (sounds dumb, but does catch a steady trickle)

    DISCLAIMER: these are NOT my rules!
    My favorite anti-spam blog posts a weekly top tips column. These are the current recommendations from it.

    I've had at least a 99.9% killrate for 2+ years, thanks to that one researcher.

    You should be able to find existing SA rules for the first five above. The "FreeMail" plugin is a low load third party plugin. I do not know if there is an existing WebMD test for SpamAssassin.

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    150 spams/day doesn't say a lot depending on how many mail you get each day. You should however get easily 90-95% filter-results and higher with a lot more time and effort in it as OwertyD pointed out. Finally, you may ask yourself whether you ultimately want to deal with spam yourself or outsource your problem to a specialized company. There is plenty of good and affordable solutions in the market that also offers plugins to Plesk. Hope it helps and good luck solving your spam issue!
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