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    2 Months so far with eHostpros

    When it came time to find a new host I came here and searched for comments on different hosting companies. I decided that eHostpros looked like a good bet since it had a lot of possitive feedback.... That was almsot 2 months ago.

    So far I couldn't be happier with the service I have received from them. I am aware of no downtime so far and the speed of their servers and bandwidth seems very fast. I've had users of my site comment that the files (videos mainly) download very fast. I don't know the actual transfer rate but it is a pretty fast site now.

    Tech support has been helpful and always responded by e-mail when a "live" one wasn't available.

    I guess a great hosting company should be described as one you never have to think about - it runs and gives no trouble. That's how I would describe eHostpros.

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    WyoDuner, Thanks for your comments

    Best Regards

    Rupi - Business Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting & Fast VPS Hosting Best India Web Hosting Provider. India Web Hosting
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    hey Rupi didn't know you where here!

    Just got a reseller account from you about a month ago, I am also pleased with the service.

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    Great to see more and more POSITIVE reviews!

    Keep up the good work EHP

    senseidru: be sure to come back in a few months and post your own review

    wyoduner: come back again after you've been with them for about 7-8 months and update this thread

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