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    Talking Suggest me a hosting plan and a company please

    I would like to host 50 to 60 wordpress powered blogs and a vbulletin forum.
    All these blogs together are currently using 30GB of bandwidth, half of it is being used by (Im using cache plugin on all the blogs)

    Can you please tell me how much ram will i be requiring, and suggest me a reliable hosting company.

    I need cpanel and whm.


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    You firstly would need to specify what location you would prefer to have your hosting server to be in, where you are presently located (so that people can perhaps contrast the service you receive now, to that you could possibly be receiving), and finally, and most importantly, what your current spend is, and what you proposed budget would be for the new service - as you know, with realibility comes a decent price (most of the time).

    Finally, have you checked previous posts on this site as this question has been raised more than once on here .. and you might be interested in the responses to them ... also, check out the offers section on this site ... once you're armed with your research, it makes it very easy taking on-board any suggestions you will get through the board.
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    My budget is around 50USD, preferably on the lower side.
    I would prefer the servers to be in US or India.

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    Personally I would start at maybe 768MB, and look for a provider that can scale you up if needed. As always it's really hard to know what you need without actually running it in production -- particularly the forum if it has a large number of concurrent visitors; and with the blogs, bandwidth is not necessarily proportional to resource demands. There are no hard or fast rules, so ultimately 'it depends'
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    Best way to approach is to check out the offers page.

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    I have one VPS that is running some very similar number of accounts (52, using about 24GB disk and 150GB BW). They are running just fine on a very optimized 512MB VPS. I did have someone optimize all the sites code and such (condense CSS, graphics, etc...) but at the current growth I'm due for an upgrade to a bigger VPS.

    You needs are very easy to meet. My recommendation would be based on whether or not you need managed or not, a control panel, etc...

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    I think that your budget would be enough to get decent VPS. It is not possible to predict how much resources you might need, but it seem that 512 RAM would be OK. I have seen, but didn't have time to understand what kind of a website is this one...?
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    GeniusHackers.Com is a wordpress powered blog.

    How will i deal with spikes in traffic from social media. will my server be shut down if theres a spike?

    do you advice me to purchase a configuration which can deal with the rare spikes, is it wise to purchases something which i will be using rarely?

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