To start off i am Totally New with Web hosting . Biz .

and if you find this 2 Cent of Mine helpful , i ope in return . you can help me .. with starting my Web hosting Business..

well You might ask .. -- What the H*LL someone who had not started a web hosting business . !?!??!?! what he know about . doing web hosting business and getting 10 maybe 20 - 30 New count every month . or week .

- anyway here i Go . pardon me if my spell is bad , since i had been awake for more then 24 hour .. and is really sleepy , but i understand one RULES . if you want people to help you . HELP others first . with my heart out to Help you to help me ..

here i am with this topic .

1. from my View . this is a Service base business . meaning you provide a Service which the Market of One person Needs .
The first RULE i have for Service Business . IS

Provide what you can HANDLE -
what does this mean . is as simple as providing a Service which you can be very Sure to promise and deliver . This way You get Solid Base customer . and as you grow . you can measure your growth and what you can provide .

but giving a promise which you are not even sure if you can deliver will only Dig you a Hole so deep one day that you can't jump out of it

2.Go look for Customer instead of waiting for Customer to look for you . This is a very importance Step . which a lot miss out .
and when i say go look for Customer I do not mean just sit in your chair or Extra large sofa and then click on your Email to Spam the World .

is like it said .. Carry your body and bring yourself to a Customer or rather go meet people . The blessing on Internet allow you to do this sometime online , but only when it interactive . like a forum or a chat room .

The art of networking and do not be shy that you are proving a service to others .
don't be pushy .. Just let other know yo are providing . - you can have the best Server or service but when you limit your network of friends and known people . you are limiting your chances of new customer .


Out of chances i started selling Computer Part . some 4 month ago . and it been 4 month now . all i did was post like 7-8 thread of the product i sell and provide down to earth service giving door to door delivery ,( i;m sorry i cannot provide anyone my service unless you are in Thailand ) whhahahahahahah

At the end of every delivery i will give customer a name card and request for feedback on my Thread .

first 1 month was ok i make about 1k - but the following month pick up and within 3 month i am doing 3-4k which i think is mainly due to words of mouth .

3. Think in your customer Shoe Always ask yourself how would the end user react to your offer , and if you are the one getting the service . Do the package and service you offer appeal to you .

To be able to understand the needs of the end User is a whole new book of it .. but to make it short . you have a few choice , to go .. big on words and not be able to commit at the end of the days . or to go stable and provide a down to earth decent service without the fancy number .. nowadays the Net is so open that . is hard to really Rip off anyone with a fake service or a semi service . and get away with it . in long run .. it go back to the digging your own hole rule .

4.many had said it .. find your market . find your target client .. hm.. what does this mean .. ?!!!?! well . to make it simple . there is many layer of community and also many type of people . as well as groups and all kinda classes of social form up .

to name a few , i can say like . House wife , cheer leader , party freak , clubber , beer lover , whiskey lover , golf pro . people who hate golf . , people who love boxer , people who prefer shorts , people who love dog , baseball fan . you name it . the list is huge ..

to find the right level or classes of target you aim for .. and work on it . while the business class had the most Hawk waiting for the hunt . you can find yourself . maybe with a Old junkyard . or a small flower shop . or even another web hosting company -

so it would help , if you write down your circle of community and work on it . so you can find your target .

do not worry . about getting the wrong community .. is the handwork and the result is usually rewarding if you do try .

5.while i am starting my very own web hosting business . i had set myself soem goal .. not on the new account end , but on the learing end .. Arm yourself with Deadly skill in the art of web hosting .. [ whahhaaa it might be a long run for me but i think is a must a trip i must take]

try to be the Best in your field so you stand out - being good at what you do .. give you that extra Edge .
know what you do and being able to explain to end user is like the Pot of Gold . that you always have .

6.Do not choose customer . , the more Question a customer Ask .. it just show that he is very interested and if you can provide him with the answer , he is yours for Sure ..
So always spend time with people who ask you a lot of question .. and at the end of the Days if he or she do not take up your Offer .. be graceful that you had provided a service for someone who will be giving you a good comment or words of mouth never know .

most of my business now had been from words of mouth ..
one some days i drive 40km to delivery a cheapo $5 mouse . and hardly make enough to cover the Fuel .. but i do it .. just to keep my bargain end and also .. someone who start with the smallest package you have might be upgrading . to a much higher service if he feel that you can be trusted ..

- i have a few regular customer now which order every week .. which started from buying from me cheap $5-$10 com part . and now there are ordering . 400-500 worth of stuff every week .

7.there is a lot of confuse end user out there , like i am one of them ,
so the more you are able to explain what going on .. and also show them what you are worth . the more people will use your service . my suggestion is always start small and grow from there , cos you do not want to be mes sup especially when you are new or starting . cos any mess would only put you in red . or take away your existing customer. . end user will always ask you funny question . so yo need to plan . and be able to reply them .. one good wya to start this is to explain to your father and mother wat you are doing . if you can make the sale to them . you had pass the test for explaining to end user .. whahahhahahahahha

8 . there is no Luck only Hard work.

while 1 in a million do Struck a million . i believe strongly that in business . reward only come to those who have the right mindset to learn and the will to work hard and smart of cos .

if i think of anything i will post it up ..

and if you think this useful in anyway ..

do go to my thread and see if you can help me