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    SSL accelerators?

    in developing my web apps for clients I always want to make the whole app SSL but that is a big overhead.
    Plus search engines and bots grab it to.

    Not having it all secure can make it easier to get session fixation.

    I am looking into ssl accelerators and find a small but good array of in box and rack components for servers.

    I imagine you use them a lot for internal networking, but have you used it for web apps?

    Any tips on the use of them? Good or bad experiences?
    What happens if the card or box fails...what happens to the throughput?

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    We have a couple clients that we host their eCommerce sites and require PCI/SOX compliance. The apps pretty much require hardware SSL accelerators to get the load off the system itself. We use a PCIe card:

    And yes - those systems are running Apache after a recent migration from IPlanet. Its main role is a web server. (Solaris 10) Although, this is RHEL compatible.

    We are also using Hifn 255's on some x64 FreeBSD systems:
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    Zeus have a great product in ZXTM:
    Available as software, so no lock-in to expensive appliance boxes. Can be rented on a month to month basis under their hoster SPLA programme.
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