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    Looking for good registrar with lots of features


    I'm looking for a registrar with a good repuration that offers all the domain features I'm looking for (at no extra charge):
    • private registration
    • full dns access
    • domain forwarding/redirection
    • nice web interface
    • good support
    • no more than $12 per domain per year

    I'm considering Moniker and Dynadot, but for one reason or another they don't quite meet my needs. Maybe there isn't one out there, but posting a thread is my last option for finding one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well, most registrars these days provide the services you have mentioned. Have you checked

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    I'd have to say at $8.99 (less with coupon). Fully loaded!
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    I have similar requirements however I would like to add custom TTL and no crazy ads like godaddy. I know have custom TTL, any others?

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    yes, o

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    Make a list of registar you have in your mind then research on their reputation in market, Check their customer support. How well the registrar handle the enquiries?
    Read the views of the client what they says about the registrar. Check the price tags how competative is the pricing.
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    I've registered my first domain back in Feb, 1996 and tried several registrars. Having said that, nowadays my recommendation is NameCheap, fair prices, easy control panel, and great service. ciao

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    Hello Akeen we are with e-Nom we have a thousand clients under our general account and we have several thousand personal or company owned domain names for ourselves as well.

    We love the e-Nom control panel we love the DNS controls and we love the organization of the domain names that allows us to keep one real account while seperating our personal domains from our clients domains.

    Best feature at e-Nom for me is the renewal system we never miss a single on e of our names renewals in 15 years but only with e-Nom for about 6 years now.

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