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Thread: 1TB VPS

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    1TB VPS

    Seven days money back. 100% Satisfaction

    Burstable CPU: access 1Core 1.8Ghz
    Hard drive space: 1TB
    Guaranteed RAM: 512Mb
    Burstable RAM: 1024Mb
    IP Address: 1
    Uplink burstable 100Mbit
    Unlimited transfer

    Price: $129,99

    Choice of Linux or Windows.
    Free OS reload.
    BW Graph.

    Level3, Tata Comminication, Global crossing, Nlayer, Videotron, Tiscali, Savvis, Internap.

    Ping IP test :

    Arin registered.

    Download TEST: HERE

    Thank you

    Payment method accepted : Paypal

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    15 left available.

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