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    Need quote for site redesign


    I have a site (Aircom Software ) for my small "one-man" business and I really feel the need to improve its look and feel (I feel it sad now). Note that I'm not a company, only a passionate designing and coding components for programmers. But I need a very professional look.

    I am asking for a quote for the following : (Yes I know I could give a budget ... but I know nothing about the web programming business and don't know at all what I could have for such a budget, that's why I prefer to give my expectations and I will see what kind of budget it needs)

    * Use of php/mysql (very well documented so that I could add/modify things later)

    * No flash intro

    * Homepage :
    Briefly what we do.
    An attracting message to give the envy to browse the products.
    Menu navigation (containing a new link to members area)
    Last news
    Selection of messages posted by customers (mini guestbook)

    * Remove the news archive page

    * Products page :
    A link to each product with a small screenshot (image can be reworked for a special effect)

    * For each product, one page :
    Description with cool screenshots
    Prices and buy button (complete ecommerce site without using paypal or visageservices ?)
    Link to public download page

    * Download page
    The list of all public downloads (demos, docs)

    * Admin page (kind of small content mgt)
    Add/Del a news
    Edit the Q&A
    Guestbook editor

    * Support page
    Public Q&A
    Link to members area - ou login/password

    * Members area 1
    Lost password

    * Members area 2 (once logged)
    Download final release of the product the client purchased (with logging in file to monitor password sharing). Up to now I had a small hosting package and could not store my final products there, thus it obliged me to send the big files by mail to customers ...
    Support form
    Enter a message for guestbook (must be preapproved by me)

    * Q&A
    with search

    * Guestbook
    with my answers clearly identified

    * maybe a new logo in concordance to the site design ?

    Thanks for all
    Don't hesitate to ask me questions here or by mail. These raw ideas could be changed.
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    check out CDXsolutions portfolio:
    And their other services, and if you are interested email them for a quote, and say that i mentioned them.

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    Hello aicrom,

    Powersurge Interactive, is our web design division and has a multitude of solutions available. If you'd like to look at some of our work, or talk more specifically about your needs, feel free to contact me. I'll be standing by!
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    North Carolina, USA

    We can be of assistance

    I you would please go to the signup section of , we can get you a quote. You can reference the info posted here by URL rather than re-enter it all if you like.

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    Don't hesitate to ask me questions here or by mail.
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    might be a lot easier for him, if you guys just gave him a quote and then linked him to your portfolios. I know I wouldn't want to make the extra effort of contact and each and every single one of you. Come on, fight for the job!!!

    Hmph.... too early to get into Mr Motivator mood!

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    Sorry for my disabled email. It is now visible.

    Fazel3 is right. Even if I had time to check each portfolio, I prefer to see here (or by mail) something personnalized, not the usual answer "come see our PF and contact us". I think the effort has to be made by you web designer, not me Otherwise I can browse this forum and find posts like mine where all of you post a link to their web site.

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    I can do site remakes no problem.
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    OK, thanks for all submissions.
    Now I have the choice in a panel starting from 500$ to 9400$. I think that chewnet will be the winner. I won't explain here what the 9400$ package is ... but maybe it was a joke. A template has been sent with this quote and I find it very standard ... I will hide here the company that offers that (for their own good ... people say I'm too nice).

    See you

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