I am new to server administration, so I guess this question has been asked a hundred times before but an update wouldn't be useless and google doesn't seem to be very helpfull as far as I am concerned.
The question is: what should I install in addition to php?
In fact, I am a bit lost between apache 1/2/2.2 litespeed, lighty... and all the addons or modules like IonCube, GD, cURL, Mod SuPHP, FrontPage, Mod Bandwidth... and each time I install a new script/application I am prompted with a message asking me to install an extra module.
what is CGI, what PHP version should I use???
So if you don't mind giving a little of your time, I would be happy to read any articles you recommend and your posts of course.
BTW, I have a VPS with WHM and I am not familiar with linux OSs at all!