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    * Please help me out with Postnuke

    hi guys i have just installed postnuke on my site, but don't know how to configure the design so i can incorporate my own design into it without using there's. Can i just save the index file and change stuff on it in dreamweaver for example keeping the coding and upload it again??? will that work, do i need to do some coding to do this.
    I've heard that changing the design is hard to do, and not all designs work is this true???
    Also i would like to know if i can have two different kinds of users in postnuke 1main user and a sub user with limited features which is controlled and linked to the Main User. does that make sense?? so iwould need two signups and when they've logged in they have different features and accessiblity.

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    You would probably be better off asking this question on the PostNuke forums.

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