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    layout looks pretty nice, corporate service type of feel sort of like rackspace.

    I feel the logo could use some help primarily in the blue background of the port, possibly a lighter bevel or no bevel with a slight gradient overlay.

    Over all very nice.

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    I feel the design is ok. But it does have lot's of potential when you have some special's with some color's to bring alot of the blue out. I think if it is redesigned correctly it will be nice.

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    Looks good. Everything is nicely legible and logically positioned. If anything, you might want to do something with the greys to liven it up just a tad; those parts feel a little dull.
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    Definitely looks like you're trying to attract corporate clients.

    I like your Buzz brand too, has a nice feel to it. Straight to the point.

    What clients are you trying to attract or is it secret? Might be able to confirm if we're on the money.

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    Nice layout - simple and tidy.
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    Very nice layout and good use of the colours too

    It has a good corporate feel to it.

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    Take a look at the alignment of the product offerings - each of them is slightly off (possibly my browser - IE8). Layout is fine, but looks slightly boxy to me. Color depth or enhanced hue would help. Definitely has potential - very professional.
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    Its pretty good so far. But a few things...

    View full features - Why is the bottom left and right corner's of this rounded? Nothing else is rounded on the page so this shouldn't be. And if you are going to keep them rounded make the radius smaller like 5px. And maybe make the top buttons rounded on the top corners.

    Got questions bar - Why is this beveled? Again nothing else is beveled on the page so why would this be?

    Buy now button - This should be a darker shade, like what you used on the server upgrade background.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuzzServers-J View Post

    I've had a layout created for an additional brand we are developing, please post your opinions.
    Very nice design! Are there screen shots from other pages in the site or only the home page?

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    Only the homepage right now, it's now also fully coded and being worked on. It's not the best in IE I can confirm, but that is being worked on as we speak

    I'll have a complete live preivew for review shortly.

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