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    Backing Up MySQL VPS

    Hello! (Finally Registered!)

    I currently have 2 VPS accounts. The first one runs cPanel and hosts my website's files. The second VPS hosts the mysql databases which the website uses. There are about 70 databases, each averaging about 120MB in size.

    At current, i use to backup each database over two days. (This crashes the server briefly for about 10 minutes per day ). I then use rsync on both servers to backup everything to off-site location.

    Obviously, I need to find a better solution. I was thinking about backing up the databases weekly instead. However, the 10 minute downtime period from the script will still happen. Any ideas?

    I look forward to reading your replies! Thank you!

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    I'm a huge fan of using replication to a slave server and then using the slave server to run backups from. No downtime for the master server and the slave server will resume replication after the backups are done bringing it back up to current.

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