Europhase UK Limited, a UK based web hosting provider today announced that it has added R1Soft Continuous Data Protection® technology to all its uk web hosting and cPanel reseller packages. Europhase UK will offer this automatic data backup and restore service at no additional charge to it's customers.

The R1Soft Continuous Data Protection® technology will backup all customer data every three hours, eight times a day and will retain the data for up to five days. Customers will be able to access and restore the last forty backups without any intervention from the Europhase UK technical support team.

These upgrades affect both new and existing customers with immediate effect.

Thomas Currie, Europhase UK Limited Managing Director said,

"The advantages for our customers now that we have deployed the R1Soft CDP technology are crystal clear. Forty backups per week will be stored securely offsite and can be restored within minutes by the customer themselves allowing them to concentrate more on running their business and not having to worry about their data.

I truly do believe that we offer one of the best value web hosting packages for personal and businesses alike and our 100% uptime record and customer feedback reflects on this."

About Europhase UK Limited.

Europhase UK Ltd are an established UK company offering high quality, excellent value web hosting, reseller hosting and powerful dedicated servers. Let us look after your internet presence whatever your requirements round the clock with our reliable, safe and secure hosting platform.”

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