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    Hosting for Win2K farm


    We currently have a couple servers with Rackspace, and have been very happy with them, but are now looking for a slightly different service mix (and someone who doesn't charge monthly for RAM upgrades).

    We need a high-performance, high-uptime host for a Win2K farm, and would like them to offer services for the day-to-day monitoring of our performance needs (not just canned services).

    I stumbled across Datapipe, and after reviewing posts here they still look promising, but would appreciate any feedback on them as well as other vendors to consider. As you can probably tell, I'm far more sensitive to NOC quality/uptime and service level than pricing--as long as I'm using what I'm paying for. Not sure it matters, but we also tend to eat a lot of CPU but relatively little bandwidth.



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    Sounds like it time for you to colo.
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    We're certainly open to it, but our concerns are that then we're responsible for any hardware fixes, and what do the on-site folks monitor and handle at 2 am?

    The layer of Datapipe's services where we get our very own primary techie who knows our setup and keeps an eye on it is very attractive, freeing us up from having that expertise in-house.


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    Datapipe is a great company to work with. We have a few exDatapipe customers who say really nice things about them.

    Hope that helps!
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