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    automated, daily, incremental, backups on a fasthosts shared hosting account?

    Hi sorry if this isnít the right forum to be posting in, but it seemed the closest.

    This must be a common problem but I canít find an elegant reliable solution

    I want to do automated, daily, incremental, backups of the contents on a fasthosts shared hosting account, I doubt Iíll be able to install any sort of client on the server, it being shared and running windows.

    I could just download everything using ftp but thereís too much on the server to cope with given the bandwidth Iíve got so Iím looking for away to check and only download changed files,

    Any suggestions?


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    I wouldn't dismiss the option of installing a client on the server until you ask and find out. Keep your options open until you know for sure.

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    I admire your optimism I've just had a look round the control panel, and can't see anyway it would be possiable, i have ftp login details but obviously no ssh shell, this being a windows server, and (understandably) no access to the machine it's self via remote desktop (i'd need to upgrade to a dedicated server to get that). This would be easy on linux using rsync, i know there are windows ports of it, but again, i believe i'd need to install a client on the server. This feels like it should be easier than it is (see maybe I am a optimist too).


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