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    Urchin - Using it - Charging for it? Need Suggestions.

    Well Urchin is finally available from RS now for those of use who have some RS servers.

    I have a few questions....first the liscense is good for 100 I assume you can choose the sites who will get to use it? As opposed to it just automatically setting it up for new sites?

    Also, I am totally unfamiliar with Urchin, and It's use and benefits (Of course I realize it's a stats program..I just mean it's benefits over and above the regular stats programs) question is Urchin something you would normally offer to your customers as an "add-on" other words at a charge....

    Maybe make it available on your premium packages only....but make the smaller packages pay some minimal fee for it?

    What type of fee would be appropriate?

    Any help, or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Urchin is quite detailed compared to, say, Webalizer. We offer it as an add on service for $5.95 per month - most clients that purchase it run e-commerce sites. Hope that helps a bit.

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