There is another post. Now it is with Directadmin.

If you sell dedicated servers and VPS and you want to offer Directadmin as a addon you will want to be a Directadmin partner.

To qualify for internal pricing you must be a dedicated server provider or dedicated server reseller. Web hosts do not qualify for internal pricing unless they also sell dedicated servers. Internal licenses must always be sold with a server (reselling the licenses by themselves is not permitted).

To get started, you must:

1. Open a DirectAdmin Client Account (free).
2. E-mail us ([email protected]) with your Client Account ID and web site URL. Use an e-mail address that
corresponds with your web site URL.
3. We will upgrade your Client Account so that you have access to internal pricing.
4. Please read the Partner Agreement.

If you need more information, http://www.directadmin.com/internal.html