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    HyperV VS VMware


    I would like to know What is ur opinion about HyperV and VMware

    I know that many people will go with HyperV but do not u see that VMWARE can be installed on any OS ?

    as I noticed that HyperV can be only installed on Windows 2008 Data Center 64bit

    but VMware can be installed even in WINDOWS XP

    tell me your opinions

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    Exactly what opinions do you want?
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    Which is the best in TRUE hardware virtualization ?

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    Out of the two I'd probably go with a VMware solution, but they do have a wide array of products for virtualization, and a large set of features for each, though some can cost a very large amount of money.

    There are others like KVM and Xen which might also interest you, but if you like point and click one of VMware's solutions should work out for you; it all depends exactly what you plan to do.
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    We use VMWare exclusively where I work, and it's a GREAT piece of software. ESX is very easy to use, and the VMware Infrastructure Client is great too.

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    Shouldn't you post this in the "VPS Server" forum, and not the dedicated forum?

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    Hyper V can be installed on any 2008 Server OS.

    The difference is, I believe, datacenter edition includes some licenses for windows guest OS's whereas the standard edition only has 1 license for 1 guest.

    And I don't think this is really a VPS discussion but a actual server software discussion.

    That said, I think Hyper-V would be the better choice unless your using ESX, and even then I think HyperV is the way to go.
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    In this scenario, HyperV runs on top of a bloated Windows OS. That's an inherent failure. While ESX OS itself is prone to a lot of the same problems, its quite stripped down, and streamlined by a great development team to be more stable and more efficient for virtualizing many systems on one box. It is its own OS.

    If you need a few test-bed VPS's, I'm sure HyperV or VMware Server (GSX) would be fine but since these run on top of an existing OS, they are by nature less capable of performance due to contention and lots of other resources being in-use.

    So, it really depends on what you're trying to accomplish and the level of service you need to provide.

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    Windows isn't bloated. People just choose to run it without doing the same level of tuning they would with a *nix box. Typical FUD. They try to address this to some extent in W2k8 by making the standard install even more stripped down and then you add features.

    Also HyperV uses the core benefits of a very stable windows OS as it's core. Nothing wrong with that.

    All that being said, today I would still with VMWare as it is a more mature product. Over time though I expect to see HyperV rightfully take some of VMWARE's business.
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    All that being said, today I would still with VMWare as it is a more mature product. Over time though I expect to see HyperV rightfully take some of VMWARE's business.
    I think that pretty much answers the question. VMWare for the maturity, HyperV for the Microsoft Stack.

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    We use both and they are not much different as far as i know. (though I let my level III guys take care of it )

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    I think the OP was mainly referring to VMware Server (GSX) since he mentioned installing on Win XP. ESX is bare metal.

    Hyper-V is much better than VMware Server. I would take it over that any day for a production system. For ESX vs Hyper-V, it is a mix. Hyper-V isn't bad, but it isn't as mature. It lacks in some of the higher functionality. I also had Microsoft's marketing approach to it, with all the FUD they've put out (the "mythbusting" video they did a while ago). ESX is far more mature, better management, and better performance from what I've seen.

    I don't consider Windows bloated though. With any system, you need to tune it.
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    It seems Hyper-V is cheaper than VMware.
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