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    Best way to block IP

    I am curious, what is the best way to ban certain IP from accessing server? I have software firewall (APF) and there is, of course, /etc/hosts.deny.
    Which is the most efficient? I've read that software firewall becomes unstable after so many entries. Does the same apply to /etc/hosts.deny file?

    Or is there a better way altogether?

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    You can also null-route IPs with the routing table :

    Single IP :
    ip route add blackhole

    Netmask :
    ip route add blackhole

    To unblock :
    ip route del
    ip route del

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    How large can the routing table be for stable operation of the server?
    Is it static/permanent? I mean, if I reboot the server, does routing table still remain the same?

    If I blok IP via routing table, can they ping the server? Or flood it?

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    I would suuggest you to use a firewall like csf or apf which will be easy to manage.Adding in /etc/csf/deny.conf wil block it permanently.
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    You can also directly use iptables for the same.

    To block an IP from accessing any ports on the server :

    iptables -I INPUT -s XX.XX.XX.XX -j DROP

    To block an IP from accessing a particular port on the server :

    iptables -A INPUT -s XX.XX.XX.XX -p tcp --destination-port XX -j DROP

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    Install CSF (

    Guide to install it is here:

    csf -d XX.XX.XX.XX

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    If you reboot, it's all gone. The best way is simply to write a start up script with the IPs you want to block so that it will be easier for you to add/delete them without messing with your config files:

    IP='ip route add blackhole'
    You can't ping at all, both ways. This IP coud not connect to your server and your server could not connect to it either. It's a blackhole.

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    You should try csf firewall it is easy to manage,
    You can install by using the following steps and can block a particular IP address,

    1) Log into your server and switch to the root user
    2) Switch directories to your download directory
    3) Download the latest version of the software: # wget
    4) Untar the package: # tar -xzf csf.tgz
    5) Switch into the new extracted folder: # cd csf
    6) Run the installer: # sh
    7) If you are still running APF and BFD on your server it is necessary to disable those applications: # sh

    After that just use the command csf -d ip that you want to block
    eg : csf -d

    You can also configure CSF and LFD from WHM.
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