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    Software to watch CPU Load live on desktop

    Does anyone know any software that i can download that connect to the hosting to watch my hosting cpu loads / memory loads live?


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    I am also looking for this kind of software

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    You could look into Nagios monitoring software. It's rather compicated so might not be your best option if you need something simple for just a single server.

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    I agree it is a bit complicated but being a Nagios guru will only help you in the future. If your coding abilities are somewhat decent you could try writing a script that will generate a graph in something like ChartDirector or GNUPlot and have it run every few minutes.
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    csf firewall have a function to monitor cpu load and send email when a certain cpu load happens. Half Dedicated Half Price
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    There are a ton of solutions that work for desktop monitoring..

    If you want to go wild and monitor from your phone, check out istat server for linux (ported from mac).. I have builds for Fedora 7 and Centos.

    Ken O. TKO

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