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    Question Automated Upload via embedded code

    Hi Everyone,

    Our company wants to launch a site with one critical requirement -
    We need to upload files (create & update) automatically, via a given API.

    Does anyone know if there are such hosting companies that provide API in order to upload the files automatically through scripts ?

    Thanks !

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    You'd need to find a developer to help you achieve that and then you can use it on any/most hosting providers, that's probably the best solution and should be simple.

    Good luck
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    That sort of apis are not offered by webhost companies.
    You should look for a free script over the web or just hire a developer.

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    You can do something like this with php + a desktop application. I have written something similar for taking and uploading screen-shots on the fly for but it's not to the point of public release yet.

    I don't have time to develop something for you (and I won't) so don't ask me to do it (the answer would be no) but I just wanted to chime in and let you know it is possible without specific support by a specific feature of a web host.

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