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    Automated Installer

    Hi I sell a few php scripts and am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of good installer for it.

    Here is what im looking for, I would like to have it so the users only need to inter information such as database and such during installation.

    I hope im making sense, basically I need an auto installer for my scripts. That I can distribute with the packages for instillation.
    Thank you.

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    Here is something you may be interested in:

    CGI/PHP Script Installer software will enable anyone without any CGI, PHP or UNIX knowledge to easily install cgi or php scripts on any server with just a few mouse clicks! Our mission: to make it as easy to install scripts on a server as it is to install software on a computer. Uses a simple wizard-driven interface (a form containing questions and a "Next Step" button). Simply step through this.... This software does much of the work (all of it in many cases). When first installing a script, leave the default values as they are. A log is automatically created and it is very easy to amend anything later if it doesn't work first time. With the technology of the internet, isn't it amazing that people still have to install cgi or php scripts by hand? No longer!!!!!! We have written a program that FULLY AUTOMATES this process. Our software will enable anyone without any CGI, PHP or UNIX knowledge to easily install scripts on a server with just a few mouse clicks! Using a simple wizard interface, it allows even the most inexperienced user to configure, upload and chmod files within minutes, no matter how complex the scripts may be. With literally thousands of scripts available, this is the next step forward in the internet revolution. Yes, the same piece of software can install ALL scripts: ACCESS COUNTERS, BANNER ROTATIONS, AUCTIONS, BULLETIN BOARDS, CALENDARS, CHAT, CLASSIFIED AD SCRIPTS, CLOCKS, HOMEPAGE SCRIPTS, IMAGE DISPLAY, INTERACTIVE STORY SCRIPTS, LINK INDEXING, LOGGING, MAILING LISTS, CONTENT RETRIEVAL, DATABASES, FILE MANAGEMENT, FORM PROCESSING, GAMES, GUESTBOOKS, MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING SCRIPTS, PASSWORD PROTECTION

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    I appreciate this however I was more looking for a script that I can put in a bundle with our scripts in order to provide easy install for our customer.

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