Hi everyone,

I recently bought a VPS and set up everything for it manually (apache, php, mysql). I had an old host which I got my files and MySQL database from. I have successfully copied them all over and imported the .sql file. I have also checked my config options and updated them to the new settings.

However, when I go to my site, I just get a blank, white screen. The site is fine because a test file that doesn't use my phpBB installation from before renders properly as well as the index.php file from the ./install/ directory of phpBB. If it was a connection problem with MySQL, I would assume that it would print some sort of error stating that it can't connect.

Here are some steps that I've tried so far (I would use a list here but I supposedly need five posts):

* chmod 777 on my entire /var/www/html/ directory.
* chown /var/www/html/ to the apache user, which is the one running the apache webserver.
* Checking error logs and not finding anything that seemed catastrophic (i.e. just notifications about a favicon being missing).
* Editing the .htaccess file to be empty.

At this point, I don't know what to do. I am willing to reinstall phpBB properly, although I would really rather not, and I imagine that there's some way to salvage my previous installation. If you're wondering why I'm posting here instead of the phpBB forums, it's because I have a hunch that it's more likely related to my installing MySQL, Apache and PHP.

My site is apollorp (dot) org (I would link here but I need five posts). As a test, try going to apollorp (dot) org (slash) test (dot) php, which should work.

If you have any suggestions or need more information, please let me know.