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    Shared Hosting Plan for Sports Betting/Casino sites


    I am interested in purchasing a hosting account to host our casino and sports betting affiliate sites.

    I am looking for shared hosting plan with options of multiple sites hosting (under same account) and multiple dedicated IPs (c-class).

    Please advise as to what options suits us best and it's pricing thereof.


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    Hey there, your request seems very basic, im sure almost any shared hosting company can forfill your request, only thing is what kinda space / bw would you be looking at, also some host's allow multiple domains under 1 cpanel account, other's just setup reseller packages ... either way is good. I personally like shared hosting with cpanel as it's one of the best panels out there and easy to use.

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    Normally IP's have to be justified. Would you be wanting multiples for SEO purposes as some providers specialize in that sort of service?

    Otherwise, most all hosts will allow up to a certain number of additional IP's at a charge per IP address.

    Best of luck in your search. I'd suggest verifying you're within the laws of where you pick a provider. Otherwise, you could be suspended for violating their TOS, etc.
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