My name is Joshua Hagan I'm the chief executive officer and business development manager of our fast growing company in Australia Verdict Networks Pty Ltd.

Verdict Networks Pty Ltd has been in business for almost 4 months and now manages and keeps 67,250+ Live Websites running as well as providing on demand Live Sales to websites all around the globe.

In an easy sentence Verdict Networks Pty Ltd is a BPO company located in Western Australia offering Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Support services for your web hosting business.

As you may of seen in other threads we were focused on Selling a service! Well we have moved from this we are now focused on telling you why you should use our service. Now this itself is a world first I believe in the Hosting and Outsourcing Industry we are all to focused on figures forgetting the values of the company.

In 2009 we have alot of work to do, to ensure our continued success in general and in a slowly improving financial crisis I will highlight 4 points below:

- Customer focus: Continuing our focus on simplicity, convenience and responsibility.

- Marketing and sales: Shifting our thinking from selling products and being more customer focused in the way we market ourselves and serve our customers.

- Technology: Improving technology to the levels used by outsourcing company's globally.

- Performance: Out-performing at every level financial out-performance, out-performance in customer service and in our work ethic.

I Believe Verdict Networks Pty Ltd Moral's and Values are some of the strongest you will ever see in the industry, Verdict Networks Pty Ltd has an ICARE system which describe the things we are not willing to compromise on in any situation with our customers, shareholders and our employees. Listed Below:

- Integrity - 'Do what is right'
- Collaboration - 'Work as one'
- Accountability - 'Own your actions'
- Respect - 'Value every voice'
- Excellence - 'Be your best'

I would like to share with you our recent customer testimonial that was made on the 15th June 2009.

"We've been using Verdict Networks Australia for two months now and have noticed an increase in overall sales volume during this period. It has enhanced the image of our company to have a 24 x 7 online professional sales team.

Verdict Networks Australia have been quick to learn about our service offerings and this has translated into being able to handle sales enquiries with a high level of competency. Verdict Networks Australia have been quick to answer our questions and adapt to any feedback received.

I also envisage that the partnership with Verdict Networks Australia will become stronger over time as we work together to enhance prospective client relations. I would highly recommend Verdict Networks Australia as a 24 x 7 online sales and technical solution.

Best Wishes

Mark Schiavetta
Ultima Systems Australia & International

We provide Live Sales Solutions for the Ultima Brand made of 4 websites

Now I can tell you when mark came to me with his requirement I was scared he said we provide windows products, dedicated servers, vps and Colocation. The big word that shot out there was "Colocation" and "VPS". I cannot recall the exact words but it was something like we have no experience with VPS and Colocation how will do this, But with some handy talking and my crafty we learn fast words etc we won our First Australian Client and VPS and Colocation client.

And now we are confident in selling his full range mind you the uncontented and contented data question still catches myself of guard .

Whatever your need's are we are happy to start discussing a tailored or shelf product today.

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Feel free to leave your comments and questions on this topic or by the methods above. Thanks for taking the time to read. Have a great day