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    Ubersmith plan equivalent to WHMCS?


    I'm reading up on a lot of stuff about hosting, for hobbyist reasonsa nd I wouldn't mind going into web hosting business (even if I started off providing budget hosting).

    As through client experience, I prefer Ubersmith when paying for hosting and account management.

    I notice that Ubersmith has more than one different plan/license, and I'm wondering which would be the most equivalent to the standards and features of WHMCS? As the lowest license seems pretty restricted.

    On the admin side, I have only experienced WHMCS, but would really like to take it up a gear with a Ubersmith+Kayako based system.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    ubersmith is a bit upscale and costly compared to WHMCS. But really good
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    Yep, Ubersmith is upscale and it's damn beautiful about it.

    Just looking foropinions and facts on what Ubersmith license would give me the right features like WHMCS for a startup/new hosting company.

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    I would think WHMCS pricing would make much more sense since they do not limit the number of clients you can have. Additionally WHMCS is very easily customized and you can develop all kinds of plugins yourself.
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    From a client and host point of view use WHMCS, I ran separate billing and kayako, some clients struggle to remember all the logins etc, use different e-mail address when submitting tickets, with WHMCS you have one login and can easily manage a support ticket etc with simple clicks.

    And also WHMCS as jrinto said above, is easily customized.
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