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    So many questions... but no answers!

    I've already done a ton of SEO, but wanted someone to dig through everything and make sure I haven't made any mistakes... and/or make improvements.

    Are there any recommendations for SEO/SEM services that can put the icing on the cake, so to speak? I just want to make sure this is a damn good cake, haha.
    Feel free to PM if you'd rather not share, doesn't seem like a lot of info is available.

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    Time and an ongoing commitment. Confirm you are talking about title tags, links and targeted anchor text. What else is there?

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    Can we post seo websites here?

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    Don't forget write unique content

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    Search engine optimization consists of various activities and this is the reason why you wont find all these techniques listed on any single website.

    You can read various useful techniques at:

    Note of Admin: I have posted helpful link. If u feel it is not right, you can remove it
    SEO Services Specialists | SEO Marketing Consultants - Search Engine Marketing Consultant

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    The following link helped me immensely.
    It helped me a lot.

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    Once you've done the original SEO, it's mostly about gaining links. Quality link, with good page rank if possible and related to your business are best. Also where you can make sure the anchor text fits the keywords you are targetting.

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