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    Rebooting Reduces Lag?


    Is it good practice to reboot the VPS every week? I haven't rebooted the machine for 16 days, and it's beginning to get laggy... Any advice on server upkeep that reduces lag? I have 2GB RAM with Quadcore 9900s.


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    you should have your provider check that lag out -

    I run my PC at home for months at a time without getting any ram lag (CPU shouldn't matter, you would notice a server load spike if it was the cpu) and my home game server has been on since February and before that reboot, it was on from January 08 - Feb 09 and no lag at all.

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    I would definitely try rebooting the machine, you'd be surprised how often it can help. If not, you may need to investigate the issue - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Have you guys heard of Wise Dedi? They are my host. They've been good at first, but now their support is decreasing... Wonder if you guys had any experience with them.

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    have heard of them but no exp with them - You should still try to get in touch with them, whether by email or by phone

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    There's no reason a VPS should be rebooted every week. Check TOP and your logs to see if there's anything that jumps out at you as being a problem. It could also be the host node itself, if they're overselling the node you could experience some issues.

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    If your vps is running with a normal load average (like 0.05 0.08 0.08) you want not reboot it; when load average was strongly increased it is necessary a reboot. I'm using cPanel but I prefer do #shutdown -r now by ssh. Normally I'm rebooting vps at each 3 months or at each 6 months depending of the specific case. In some cases it is necessary reboot a vps by VZPP (or HyperVM etc), when resources of system are around 90% of consumption. Some Linux distros want reboot in order to freed RAM & CPU.
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    How do i know if they are overselling?

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    I don't think lag is so much of a reboot issue as it is a network issue. You can do it for fun but I would think that its network.
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    *shrug* we have FreeBSD boxes with 390+ days uptime. If it isn't Windows then a reboot shouldn't be necessary unless something is wrong.
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    Definitely a reboot every 1-week should not be necessary! Unless you have some bad applications with memory leaks :-/ But a reboot every couple of months is a nice idea; though some people regularly run their server/VPS for 6+ months without a reboot.
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    it's running Ubuntu. It's running a small game server called Open Tibia. It's really heavy on SQL.

    Also, is it smart idea to use another machine as SQL machine? I heard some people do that...

    Usually it's pretty good, 100% uptime, but every now and then there would be these Freezes that would last up to 2 minutes... It's just scary... But when it freezes, I check website which is hosted on the same machine, website works fine... but the game freezes...

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    You should be monitoring the process via SSH using htop or atop (log files).

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    The only function I know how to use now is "top." IS there any other useful ones? Perhaps anything like a graph?? Or log?

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    Only if you have something installed and running that keeps using more and more memory, or if you have bought to little ram w/ your VPS.
    *nix can run practically forever without a reboot. Once had a radius server running an old pre-ent RedHat (like, v3) that had an uptime of 4 years. I hated the day I had to turn it off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DedicatedOT View Post
    The only function I know how to use now is "top." IS there any other useful ones? Perhaps anything like a graph?? Or log?
    You can also check the detailed process by using command,
    # ps -auxf
    # ps -aux
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    Quote Originally Posted by DedicatedOT View Post
    How do i know if they are overselling?
    Probably if downloads are slower at certain times of the day than others. Lag plays a part in it if the ports they are on are causing packet loss during peak time. Usually download speeds play more of a role than anything when it comes to overselling. Upload a 100MB file, see how long it takes to download during different parts of the day. You need a pretty stable connection at your house/office for an accurate test.

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