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    Thumbs down or ServerLost? anyone use ServerLoft?

    SERVERLOFT (Germany, Frankfurt)

    I have been running MTR on serverloft germany, and im surprised at how poor it is. 4-6% packetloss on the way from London, UK to there Frankfurt, DE datacenter... thats pretty close distance.
    Anyways, they have a really bad hop in France (7.
    ) that ruins everything:
    I tried to contact them, they are unavailable.
    I sent more extensive MTR reports to them, seem to be ignored.
    I'm performing these tests prior to ordering, and good thing I did.

    Here's the MTR from UK2 to ServerLoft (germany)
    Host Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev
    1. 0.4% 514 25.2 7.5 0.3 191.1 21.6
    2. 0.0% 514 120.6 13.9 0.3 196.3 34.6
    3. 0.0% 514 0.8 13.3 0.4 227.0 33.6
    4. 0.0% 514 0.8 10.1 0.6 204.0 27.8
    5. 0.0% 514 1.0 11.9 0.7 194.8 30.3
    6. 0.0% 514 17.7 27.6 17.4 267.4 28.4
    7. 3.9% 514 18.4 36.0 16.6 1460. 73.4
    8. 3.9% 514 19.3 36.3 17.1 2391. 111.9
    9. 3.9% 514 18.8 42.3 16.8 2280. 147.8

    How to Read this? its 0.0% packetloss up to and including hop 6, which is what you want.
    Then hop 7 starts losing it in France, and hop 8 has no chance, and hop 9 is where your server would be if you bought ServerLoft.

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    serverleft i try contact them about 1 houre on live chat and no reply
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    I tried contacting them all today (end of the day) and last nite.
    I think they dont care, safe to say. They arent even around here.

    I had the whole order set too, all they had to do was pass a ping check and are still failing horribly. It's still 6% on that same France hop.

    ServerLoft must have chose some bad routing in their network setup, unfortunately when a datacenter server provider does something like that they are at the mercy of the company above them.
    In this case its france routeserver

    The sad part is their network has been performing 0.0% loss from chicago. Too bad it would suck for most European users. Most of France would be Unusable, Englands, parts of nearby Italy, Poland and Germany also would have that bad hop ruining it.

    Kinda weird that they are trash LOCAL and good far away

    I really wanted to go with ServerLoft, I still do if they can fix it (or answer an email or pickup the phone or be present at WHT)

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    I have an update on this, ServerLoft notified me of getting rid of that bad hop after it being reported. I traced again and MTR's are now 0.0% PL for over 48 hours, looks to be a different routing also.
    Looks like ServerLoft fixed their germany routing issue, and acknowledged the problem, which are both nice to see.
    We will be renting from them now with continued monitoring of coarse, for ur Germany expansion coming shortly

    Note: they dont use WHT and also said this, so I have updated the post for them.
    ... never hurts to monitor a server before purchasing, can lead to them fixing the issue before you have to suffer your own clients on it.
    in this case, i see nothing wrong with ServerLoft DE now, looking forward to adding it

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