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    Thumbs up 5 months of great experience with so far

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my 5 months of awesome experience with so far.

    I actually started off with a shared hosting package with them 5 months ago, a month after, I decided to go with the windows opal vps with dotnetpanel control panel. I asked them if it was feasible of transfering my sites from their directadmin hosting to Dotnetpanel, they migrated my account with my domains to my window's dotnetpanel. those domains are [ newly added ]

    Their support has been top-notch, I've gotten really fast responses and fast resolutions.
    Subject Ticket ID

    VPN Question
    XKA-****** [ Had a vpn question, 5 minutes to respond ]

    Dotnetpanel help ( 1, 2 All)
    KER-****** [ Needed small help with dnp, 3 minutes to respond, 11 minutes for resolution ]
    Window Firewall
    ZUH-****** [ A firewall question, 4 minutes to respond ]

    Small problem
    QIS-****** [ Small Windows issue, 2 minutes to respond, about 7 minutes for resolution ]

    Account Migration ( 1, 2 All)
    BSG-****** [ Migrated all four of my domains from my shared hosting in a hour ]

    Your DotNetPanel Login Information
    ZPP-****** [ Took about 2 hours to install DotNetPanel ]

    Your Windows VPS is ready
    OHZ-****** [ Took about 25 minutes to install the server and send rdc information to me ]

    In the five months, i have not experienced any downtime( if you exclude one maintenance), there was a maintenance reboot that they informed us (which is great) ahead that will take up to ten minutes.

    Nonetheless, their team has been really helpful. I want to thank esited for the execellent service that they have provided, and I hope that my great experience from the past 5 months with them will continue to last. I would definately recommend

    P.S I am currently on the vps posting this thread.
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    Thanks for a comprehensive review.

    Glad to see one from a user past the 12 month mark.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences . Glad to see you have been getting a satisfactory service. Give us more updates in future.

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    Yes Indeed, I am also one of there customers that have stayed longer than 5 months and are very satisifyiedwith their uptimes and services. Especially the support, they get back to you quickly.
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